56-1 One Report (Annual 2022)

56-1 One Report (Annual 2022)

Annual Report / 56-1 One Report
1. Details of Directors, Executives, Controlling Persons
Person assigned to the highest responsibility in accounting and finance
The person assigned to be directly responsible for overseeing the accounting and company secretary.

2. Details of Audit Committee of Subsidiaries

3. Details about the head of internal audit

4. Assets used in business

5. Full regulatory policies and guidelines and code of conduct

6. Audit Committee Report

7. Full regulatory policies and guidelines

8. business ethics

9. use of inside information

10. Anti-Corruption Policy
11. Social Responsibility, Environment and Corporate Governance Policy
12. Policy and Principles for Preventing Conflicts of Interest
 13 Personnel Management and Employee Compensation Policy
14. Sustainability Management Policy
15. Whistle Blowing Policy
16. Financial Statement 2022
 17. Remuneration Policy for the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

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