Heat Treatment Services
     In 2012, S.A.F. has launched the new service of special steels hardening by vacuum furnace in order to enhance our special steels expertise to be fully in-house services.
     “With our 20 years experiences in special steels, and our newly standard vacuum furnace with modern vacuum pumps from Germany, as well as the German Know-How (DÖRRENBERG), it can be strongly believed that our hardening quality can provide the best efficiency in the tools made by our special steels.”
     we are proudly to present our vacuum hardening service in following application fields.
Application Steel Grades
    Hot Working
  • Extrusion Work
  • Press Forging
  • Die Casting
    Cold Working
  • Die Insert, Punch
  • Stamping
  • Roller
  • Shearing Knife
    Plastic Processing